Welcome to the CSNA Website

The Connecticut Student Nurses Association (CSNA) is a chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). CSNA consists of all nursing students from all over the state of Connecticut and provides a resource for students to join together and participate in various activities, including community service, education and networking.

CSNA also encourages others, who are not nurses, to become a part of the nursing profession. For example, did you know there is a Girl Scout badge that clubs can use to show girls our future career? This badge, Exploration into Health Care Careers has been used many times in Connecticut and beyond-the girls love learning about nursing and other health care careers!

This all sounds wonderful right?  We meet monthly, and all members of the Connecticut Student Nurses Association are welcome to attend any and all of our meetings. CSNA is currently looking for students interested in participating and planning the future of the association.  Also, we encourage all members to contact any board member with comments, suggestions, ideas or questions.  Again, you can reach us by email under the Board of Directors link.  Together, we can make this a great year for the CSNA!

Join our Facebook page-(https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/109239585826226/) learn about activities of other schools too!  Tell everyone in the state what your group is up to and all of the great work the group is doing!



Hope to see you at the next CTSNA meeting!

Please join us in February 25th 2013 7:30-9 pm. Details below.

The meeting will be held at Naugatuck Valley Community College

All members of CSNA are invited to attend!



2012-2013 Board of Directors Election Results

Co-Presidents: Mollie Carbo and Nicole Guglielmo

Co-Vice Presidents: Sarah McDermott and Taryn Shan Van Rensburg

Secretary: Mellissa LaParre

Treasurer: Sara Formeister



Would you like to purchase a CTSNA tshirt?

Purchases may be made at a monthly meeting.